Knutsford and District Motor Club are pleased to welcome you to the second running of The Knutsford Targa Rally. For 2018, the event will run on a dual MSA permit (Clubman and Nat B) and will be based at Cauldon Lowe Village Hall. The event will run 13 daylight tests (approximately 18 miles) at local venues on maps 118, 119 covering 80 road miles.
The special tests will be run on a mixture of surfaces from tarmac, broken concrete, gravel tracks, grass and maybe a bit of mud thrown in for good measure.

The route hand out’s will be a road book containing colour printed maps and a test book containing special test diagrams and details. Knutsford and District Motor Club are pleased to be raising money for the Midlands Air Ambulance charity with various activities on the event to encourage donations.


The Team behind the Targa

Clerk of the Course – Graham Raeburn

Graham Raeburn I’m steeped in motorsport and predominantly rallying history, my father Nigel Raeburn was a multiple MN Road Rally winning navigator and won the 1970 RAC British Rally Championship. I’ve also been a member of Knutsford & District Motor Club since birth. My competition history is mainly as a navigator, I’ve done nearly 200 rallies, historic, road, endurance and stage – highlights include winning the 2004 ANWCC Road Rally Championship with Owen Turner and a total of 19 overall wins. These events all around the country have given me a real insight into what makes a good challenging event and for the benefit of the targa – I’ve seen many different special tests on these events so have a good idea of what can be done! I have also done plenty of marshaling and organising including Clerk of the Course on the Plains from 2007 to 2014 - winning numerous Rally of the Year awards during this time. I'm really excited about the Knutsford Targa and the opportunity it presents to create a unique, challenging and exciting new rally.

Mentor and Sponsor - Don Barrow

I am very pleased to be associated with The Knutsford Targa Rally, OK I am only hovering in the background and I have attended all but a few of the pre-event meetings. But boy, I have not seen such enthusiasm in researching and planning of an event for many a year. Many years ago I was also a Clerk of the Course, so I know some of what goes on in the background. However in this current climate the rules and regulations have multiplied many times and I hold my hat up to the enthusiastic core members of the Knutsford Targa team in their meticulous planning of this event.

I first started Rallying in 1956, I then joined the then new Knutsford Motor Club in 1958 and gradually improved to be able to navigate on the newly announced Motoring News Rally Championship that was being launched in 1961, I then competed in nearly every event up till I retired from competing in 1973, a lot of rallies indeed. Along the way I had a fair bit of success in winning the prestigious 1963, 1964, 1967 & 1970 Motoring News Championships, 1962, 1963 & 1967 BTRDA Silver Star Championships, 1967 BTRDA Gold Star Championship and the 1967 RAC Rally Championship. Together with competing for Triumph, BMC, Rootes Group, Ford & DTV factory Works teams. You can read more about my history on here.(click me)

You can maybe understand why I am taking a serious interest in assisting in the promotion of this new exciting Knutsford & DMC Targa Rally. I have designed two unique Knutsford Targa trophies, with a Driver and Navigator version which will depict the idea of what a Targa Rally is all about and hopefully will be treasured annually by the winners. I have also offered to produce the Tulip type Road Book using my Don Barrow Tulip Road Book editor programmes, which are used universally by many organisations.

So if you want to be part of our new exciting Knutsford Targa Rally. Whether competing or marshalling, then make a note in your diary, Ipad or phone, for Saturday, September 9th 2017. We are offering an event with 10+/- Tests of about 30+/- miles of competition on a variety of surfaces, concrete, tarmac, loose tracks and maybe a bit of grass, all based in and around the Staffordshire area – See you all there.

Mentor - Mike Harrison.

It's great that KDMC is breaking new ground by organising yet another major event. As both a regular road rally competitor and an event organiser I'm delighted to be 'doing my bit' on the organising team.
For the last eight years I have been the Clerk of the Course on our Club's National B historic road rally event -The Tour of Cheshire. So I have a good idea of what is needed to put on a safe and enjoyable event as well as knowing what works from the competitors' point of view and the requirements of the various authorities the event organisers have to engage with.

I am hoping that bringing my experience of rallying and event organising will help ensure we deliver a great event for competitors to the Club's new Targa event on 9 September.
The team have some great venues in the North Staffordshire area offering a wide mixture of competitive surfaces - so the choice of the right tyre will be a challenge. Whilst some venues are already great rally test regulars others are completely new to the rally scene, but I'm sure will immediately become firm favourites.

There will be plenty of action on the event so whether you are a likely competitor or marshal make a note of this date. The picture is Mike Harrison driving his TR3 on a classic rally in France and in place of his usually navigator (his wife Lorna) on this occasion Targa Clerk of the Course Graham Raeburn was navigating!

Test Venue Coordinator and Sponsorship - Paul Dyer

1986, Oaks Trophy Road Rally, Congleton at 10:30 pm. That was my first real live glimpse of a rally…I had seen it on World of Sport, introduced by Dickie Davies and I was keen…but to actually see it, there, so close and in my home town, well, that had me hooked!

By June 1987 I had built a car and entered my first ever road rally…Since that day at Congleton Cattle market, rallying has been in my blood and I love it! Over the years, I have competed on many, many road rallies all over the country, The Oaks Trophy, Bolton Midnight, Rali Mon, Clitheronian, The Morecambe, the legendary Cilwendeg and the VK to name just a few.

As with all things in life, events take a different path to how you dream it to be and after competing on and off over the decades, it wasn’t until 2016 that I decided that maybe I should compete in a championship. I teamed up with Dave Aincham and our first rally together was the Rally Bryniau Clwyd and after a surprising first half where we found ourselves in 8th O/A and first in class, we finished a respectable 3rd in class, and very happy for our first event together and my first proper bash at a Championship. We continued to team up, and competed on a number of qualifying rounds of the ANWCC Road Rally Championship, and after entering just 5 rounds, we had secured the championship as well as the KDMC championship to boot! There was life in the old dog yet. The enthusiasm to compete in 2016, 30 years after my first rally experience was no less than it was back then, I love this sport, the thrill, the buzz, the craic, the people…everything. It has been one of the very best things I could ever have done and I still love it now.

Business commitments have meant that competing has had to take a bit of a sabbatical, but instead, driven by my passion and enthusiasm, I have made the time to help in organising this fabulous event we are creating, The Knutsford Targa. This has been something of a personal mission of mine, to find as many quality venues which as closely represent a road rally as I could find. I never particularly enjoyed single venue stage rallies at airfields etc, instead my absolute passion has been road rallying and the thought of cone dodging around multiple car parks on a Saturday is as far removed from anything I would aspire to. So, after a LOT of hard work, persuasion, STRESS, and negotiation, we have something which I would personally love to compete on; crests, twisty tarmac roads, water splashes, gravel tracks, concrete roads, grass, walled lanes, tree lined lines, jumps, bumps, mud, water…everything apart from the darkness of night…but no bloody cone dodging. Enjoy, I have.

Paul Dyer

Midlands Air Ambulance Charity

The Knutsford Targa Rally proudly supports Midlands Air Ambulance Charity, and as part of our event we hope to raise a considerable sum of money for MAAC to enable them to continue their hard work and life saving service. Please give generously as air ambulance charity's save lives, and you never know if or when you might need them.

Midlands Air Ambulance is the charity responsible for funding and operating three air ambulances serving the communities of six Midlands counties: Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Worcestershire and the West Midlands. This constitutes the largest air ambulance operating region in the UK. The charity also provides secondary cover to the surrounding areas, such as Warwickshire and mid Wales. Since 1991, the charity has responded to more than 47,000 missions averaging 2,000 per year, making it one of the longest established and busiest air ambulance organisations in the UK.

The charity’s three aircraft each carry a crew comprising pilot, two paramedics or flight doctors plus full life-support medical equipment. Operating from strategically located regional airbases, 90 per cent of the region is within reach within eight minutes. If a patient reaches hospital within the Golden Hour (60 minutes after their injury) their chances of survival are dramatically increased. That is why the rapid response of the Midlands Air Ambulance is so vital in an emergency situation.

What is not widely known is that Midlands Air Ambulance receives no Government or National Lottery funding. Each Midlands Air Ambulance mission costs £2,500 and in excess of £7 million is needed each year to keep its three air ambulances operational, which is donated entirely by the public and local businesses, with four in ten of those we help funded by Gifts in Wills.

The charity is fortunate to count on tremendous public support and good will, but never takes this for granted. Winning and keeping hearts and minds is an essential and constant challenge. That is why it regards the real ‘helicopter heroes’ as not only the aircrew, but those often unsung ground heroes, its fundraisers.

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